How to obtain tickets for Sidmouth Music concerts

For 48th season (2019-20)

1. Purchase tickets for individual concerts in advance

Tickets for individual concerts cost £17 each. They are available for sale two weeks before the date of each concert, at the following outlets:

Alternatively, you can buy tickets for all of our concerts ONLINE via Ticketsource Book now

We do not charge a booking fee.

2. Subscribe to two or more concerts and save money!

You can subscribe to any two or more specified concerts at £13.50 per concert. If you subscribe to the full season of 6 concerts, you will save even more - £13 per concert, a total cost of £78 .

Subscription application forms are also available in Sidmouth Library and Sidmouth Information Centre, as well as at each concert. Alternatively you can email a request for a form to

You should send the completed form, with your remittance, to the address indicated on the form.

Note: if you want to attend a concert to which you have not subscribed, you are very welcome to do so, but you will need to 'top up' your subscription either in advance or at the door.

3. Purchase tickets for individual concerts at the door

These cost £17 and are subject to availability.

Student tickets for a fiver! Full-time students can buy individual tickets at a concessional price of £5 (subject to availability).